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On a non intrusive substation inspection with one of Levertech HV LTD Operation and maintenance contract clients. (COMA). The clients 11,000 volt air transformer was discharging. This was found using a Ultra TEV Plus.

Our HV maintenance team informed the site contact and arranged a shutdown to investigate further. On the shutdown it was found that the conductor did have not have enough clearance gap from the copper earth bar. The conductor was showing signs of discharge and the insulation had been getting damaged and the earth bar showed signs of heating.

Levertech HV then cleaned up the discharge and provided the correct distance. We then tested to check the partial discharge had gone. which it had. The non-intrusive visit had prevented a HSE Incident and ten of thousands of pounds loss in productivity for site.

Levertech HV maintenance services carry out partial discharge testing on all non intrusive inspections as part of our operation and maintenance package.

Please contact for more information or to arrange a site meeting.

Signs of Partial Discharge


Posted by lvtech on April 26, 2016

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